Kintsugi is the Japanese art form of repairing broken/ cracked ceramic pottery to make the object whole again. The broken object is repaired by being stuck together again with a lacquer which is mixed with either powdered gold, silver or platinum.

Kintsugi – Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a golden lacquer. make the object whole again , shows history of the object. Image found at:

There is a philosophy behind Kintsugi, which is to be able to appreciate the history of the object and any damage it may have sustained making it imperfect. The repair is made visibly instead of hiding the damage. The end result looks aesthetically pleasing and tells the story of the objects life, increasing the original value of the once undamaged object.

I find Kintsugi interesting. In relation to my own practice, this art form is inspiring as I have been experimenting with how emotions may alter behind the ‘close door’ of a home. How some people may hide their emotions well and act fine in public but when behind a closed door may crack up, break down and fall apart. It is this idea of repairing a broken object but in a way that shows its history, its story I find interesting. It shows beauty and strength.